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White Papers

Controlling Education From the Top ONLINE

Lowering the Bar: How Common Core Math Fails to Prepare High School Students for STEM

Smart Options: Investing the Recovery Funds for Student Success

Blueprint pdf 2010

Built For Teachers Blueprint for Reform

NCEE_ExecutiveSummary_May 2013 Marc Tucker’s Organization

21 Century Learning Skills


Idaho Documents

Common Core Standards Signed MOA-May 09

State Fiscal Stabilization Fund, phase 1 application

RTTT executive-summary – highlights

Idaho-Grant-Application-RTTT – highlights

Idaho Race to the Top MOU

Idaho ESEA Flexibility Waiver or No Child Left Behind Waiver (February 2012 version)

Idaho Approved ESEA Waiver_10-24-2012


ISEE Idaho’s data collection

MOU with Institutes of Higher Eeducations highlighted


What does it really mean to be college and work ready


State Core Model (data plus CCSS) (2)

US Department Of Labor Workforce Data Quality Initiative 2013 grant


FERPA changes 2008 highlighted  Disaggregate data


2011 Final FERPA Regulations_Advisory and Overview FINAL

2011 DOE FERPA proposed Rule making



Idaho_Rules_Thoroughness  (This is the document that lists all the rules regarding standards and testing.)



sbac-cooperative-agreement-5 higlighted  Data access.  Notice no one from Idaho signed this document.

Idaho MOA with SMARTER Balanced Consortium


SLDS Grant Documents


Idaho2009 application

 idaho abstract 2012  SLDS grant  highlighted



Data Gathering, Sharing, Accessing

IDAHO Data Quality Campaign state analysis 2013

ildsdac_meeting_092410_1 pdf CCSSO

Framework For A Multistate Human Capital Development Data System

ISEE- PPT Luna Quote 2013 sept Kowalski  This is a good one.  Be sure to view the whole thing.


State of Idaho SLDS Needs Analysis, 11-12


State Core Model (data plus CCSS) (2)



Power Point Slides

Dr. Peg Luksik – CC Idaho