Parents Across America

Idahoans for Local Education (I4LE) is an affiliate of Parents Across America


I4LE stands with Parents Across America (PAA) in their commitment to bringing the voice of public school parents – and common sense – to local, state and national debates.

Because the parent perspective has been almost entirely missing in the policy proposals being imposed on school districts across the nation, we urge you to join us in making our collaborative voices heard in your own communities as well as across America.

Here’s how:

Stay connected to Idaho and national education news through our Facebook news feed. Like Us I4LE . Visit the page regularly to stay informed. You might also like the Idahoans Against Common Core Facebook page.

Sign Up for Notices of Future Actions – We promise not to litter your inbox. We will only call you to action when it is absolutely necessary. We understand how busy parents can be!

Read and use Parents Across America handouts (some short, some long, please browse) available here.

Join the free PAA webinars. The schedule is updated on their homepage where you can also find past recordings.

If you already have an organization in Idaho that believes in;

  • Using proven reforms including a well-rounded curriculum and evaluations that go beyond test scores,
  • Providing sufficient and equitable funding to invest in what is proven to work for students,
  • Supporting inclusive schools and classrooms, and
  • Meaningful parent involvement,

Or if your organization has taken a stand against;

  • Privatization,
  • High-Stakes Testing,
  • School Closings, or
  • Ignoring poverty,

Please consider becoming an affiliate or chapter in Parents Across America Idaho.

Interested? Contact Vicki at or PAA national.