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Teacher Shares Experience and Facts on Common Core…..Please Read

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 Many times when we talk to teachers they are unaware of all that Common Core truly entails.  They are so busy trying to make the best of a bad situation for the students they teach that they simply don’t have time to look into all aspects of this new education reform. This teacher, however, has taken […]

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Statesman’s Reporting; Biased Much?

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Last week the Idaho Statesman ran an article on the money being poured into this primary election.  At the end it was noted that candidate for superintendent, John Eynon, had received  donations from Rep Phil Hart and attorney general candidate Chris Troupis.   The total of these two contributions was a whopping $250. For some unknown reason, though, this […]

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Personal Endorsement

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Last election cycle (2012) a gentleman approached me about supporting him. After some questioning, I determined he was running on the same values I held as dear and important. I agreed to put his sign in my yard and talk to my neighbors about him.  Of course, being the political overachiever that I am, I […]

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Another Reason to Support John Eynon

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KTVB Channel 7 hosted a debate between the four candidates running for State Superintendent of Instruction to replace Tom Luna.  Listen as John Eynon explains that he is the only candidate for common sense. Over the last few months as I have communicated with John, I have come to appreciate his love for education and his true desire […]

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Reflections on the GOP primary campaign trail

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by John Eynon.   As a candidate for State Superintendent of Public Instruction, I will share my reflections on my opponents’ speeches given at the Republican Party Lincoln Day Dinners. My opponents could be bookends representing the same “common” theme”.  They advocate “the Governor’s Education Task Force 20 recommendations for Idaho schools”.  They claim that […]

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We Need Your Help

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The election is quickly coming up and we need your help. Idahoans for Local Education has a survey we’d like to get to every candidate running for office this year, particularly before the primary on May 20th.  It’s a little hard for us to reach everyone, though, and this is where you come in. It was […]

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Dr Duke Pesta on Common Core

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This is a two hour speech by Dr. Duke Pesta, English professor at University of Wisconsin and Academic Director at FreedomProject Education. In this speech, he speaks to how Common Core will completely undermine both the public and private education system in the U.S.

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Courage for the Taxpaying Parent

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How many times have we anti-Common Core parents been told, “If you don’t like Common Core maybe you should homeschool.”  Or, “If you don’t like the tests, maybe you need to homeschool.”   How about, “If you don’t like the data collecting maybe your only option is to homeschool.”  (That last one came straight from […]

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SBAC Test Text Evidence

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By Mila Wood  In response to Tom Luna’s release of his SBAC promotion video and “text evidence:” All along my main concerns as a parent and a tax paying citizen of our state with the SBAC test have been; 1) invasive data collection 2) the test is UNtested, UNproven and UNfinished 3) the kids’ test […]

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Responding to Parents Concerns about Refusing the Test

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Responding to Parents Concerns about Refusing the Test

We get emails, phone calls or messages daily from parents who are confused and concerned by school administrator responses to their choice to refuse this year’s SBAC field test.   Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions. First of all, understand that it is not illegal to refuse the SBAC standardized field test.  There […]

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