The Debate Will Go On

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Nearly two weeks ago I received an email from Ray Amaya, producer for 580 KIDO’s Kevin Miller.  In it he proposed holding an informal, in-studio radio debate about Common Core between Stacey Knudsen and myself, and Superintendent Tom Luna.  He and Kevin thought it would be a good follow up to the recently ended school year where many parents’ eyes have been opened to Common Core following the extensive SBAC pilot testing that occurred this spring.  I didn’t say this to Ray at the time, but I really didn’t have much hope in an affirmative response from the State Dept. of Education.  Turns out I was right.  I waited for eight days for KIDO to get back with me and confirm a date for the debate.  When they finally contacted me they let me now that Superintendent Luna’s office turned down the offer to debate saying they didn’t want to debate any more – this is four-year old news.

Frankly, we were unaware a debate had even been taking place!  With the exception of one time in March, 2013, at the Caldwell City Hall when Mr. Luna had the unique challenge of debating a 7-month pregnant woman, neither Stacey or I have ever had the opportunity to go toe-to-toe with Tom Luna.  Earlier when asked at a public forum why he turned down our request to debate he indicated that he would be willing.  But that was the last we heard of that.

Maybe the reason he doesn’t want to debate anyone is because he knows public support is waning.  The more people know about Common Core, the less they like it.

Or maybe it’s because at the state GOP conventional earlier this month the nearly 40 members of the resolutions committee passed unanimously a resolution against Common Core.  Mr. Luna even took time to personally counter the resolution but was unable to sway any of the committee members to his side.

At this point, it really doesn’t matter what Mr. Luna is willing or unwilling to do.  Whether he likes it or not, the debate is taking place in homes across Idaho and Common Core is losing – one person at a time.


(Please be sure to listen to Stacey and Stephanie Monday 8a.m. on the Kevin Miller show. )

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