Statesman’s Reporting; Biased Much?

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Last week the Idaho Statesman ran an article on the money being poured into this primary election.  At the end it was noted that candidate for superintendent, John Eynon, had received  donations from Rep Phil Hart and attorney general candidate Chris Troupis.   The total of these two contributions was a whopping $250.

For some unknown reason, though, this same article neglected to mention the $5000 donation to Andy Grover from Melalueca, Inc.  This should really be no surprise to anyone.  VanderSloot, Melalueca’s CEO, has supported Common Core since it first showed up three years ago in the form of Students Come First.   They donated one MILLION dollars to the Props. 1,2,3 campaign.

Just take a quick walk with me down memory lane:

I would really like to know why the Statesman focused on a measley $250 worth of donations, yet chose to ignore $5000 from a corporate interest…

Biased much?




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  1. Mary Margaret says:

    I’d also like to know why the Statesman focused on a small donation instead of the $5000 and the $1000 amounts. A look at the Idaho Secretary of State’s website and campaign contribution disclosures is illuminating.

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