Idaho, We will not Conform!

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Now you know about Common Core.  Where do we go from here?

Please join us as we gather together in one of six Idaho theaters for Glenn Beck’s We Will Not Conform event.


There will be a number of inspiring and well informed panelists.  Jenny White of Restore Oklahoma Public Education fame and Emmett McGroarty from the American Principles Project are just two of the knowledgeable  panelists.

This is not going to be an event for the sunshine patriot.  This will be where we meet and devise an action plan. So pull on your boots and put on your gloves – we’re going to get to work!

July 22nd at 7pm

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  1. Darlene Patricia Giarraputo Me says:

    Would you please give us the link for the Action Plan, when we go to the link through FreedomWorks, it just keeps trying to connect, thank you!

    • Stephanie Zimmerman says:

      I will add it to the list of resources, but almost everything that is on the Action Plan is available on this post already.

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