Building the Machine, The Parent Interviews

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This is part two of Building the Machine. Part I scared the CCSSO so much that they put out a letter before it was released discussing ways to counter the information.

Idaho parents haven’t seen most of the effects of Common Core discussed in this documentary- yet.   But if we continue down the path we’re on we will start  seeing these kinds of negative reactions in our children.

STOP!  Think about what we’re doing.  There’s no need to do this to our children!  We can put an end to it before we reach the same point other states have already reached.  We have the advantage of being one of the slower states to implement Common Core with all of its overwhelming and degrading effects.  But it’s not going to be easy.  It’s going to take parents standing up at school board meetings, writing legislators, and being willing to refuse to have their children take the SBAC assessment. (Think civil disobedience)  It’s going to be uncomfortable.  It’s going to require a backbone, but aren’t you willing to do all of this for your children?

You can start here.


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