Refuting “Building the Machine”- an Idaho Connection

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Monday March 31 marks the release of the much anticipated documentary, “Building the Machine” produced by the Home School Legal Defense Association.


Evidently the Council of Chief State School Officers is concerned about this movie.  They have a set of talking point that are embargoed until March 31.

Somehow someone at The Missouri Education Watchdog got ahold of these talking points ahead of time.  Anne Gassel  has a couple of great posts regarding the up-coming talking points.  First in “The Not So Secret Plan Revealed – No Waiting Til Monday” and then in “The Rest Of the Not-So-Secret-Now Talking Points”  you can read just what to expect out of the Chamber of Commerce and other pro- Common Core organizations.


There is an interesting Idaho connection.  The letter from the CCSSO is signed by Carissa Moffat Miller.  Ms. Miller is the former Deputy Superintendent of Education for the State of Idaho and member of the Smarter Balance Executive Committee. A little over a year ago, I sat in a room at the capitol and listened to Ms. Miller tell the House Education Committee  that Achieve Inc. had nothing to do with Idaho and Common Core.


Still defending Common Core.  Whatever it takes.



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