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Monday June 30 Podcast

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Kevin Miller of 580 KIDO am invited us to debate Supt. Tom Luna.  As mentioned in a previous post, the request was denied by the superintendent.  However, Kevin was still good enough to have us on and give us time to discuss our issues with Common Core.  Because of the lack of a debate, or maybe […]

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The Debate Will Go On

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Nearly two weeks ago I received an email from Ray Amaya, producer for 580 KIDO’s Kevin Miller.  In it he proposed holding an informal, in-studio radio debate about Common Core between Stacey Knudsen and myself, and Superintendent Tom Luna.  He and Kevin thought it would be a good follow up to the recently ended school […]

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Debate Denied

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There is a lot of confusion surrounding Common Core. (that’s an understatement…)  It has been said that when you listen to the proponents you walk away thinking, “This is good.”  Then when you talk to the opponents you walk away thinking, “This is really bad.”  We’ve been approached about having a public debate so that […]

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