Jamie Gass on Common Core

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Once again thank you to Austin Hill for tackling this humongous subject.  As usual, Austin’s not afraid to learn about a tough issue and then take it head on. And thank you to Jamie Gass from the Pioneer Institute for taking the time to briefly explain Common Core. http://www.idahoreporter.com/2013/jamie-gass-with-the-pioneer-institute-of-boston-ma-discusses-inadequacies-of-the-common-core-academic-standards-on-the-austin-hill-show/

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Wyoming to Stop Common Core

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This is from Christel Swasey’s website, (which is a great resource for all things Common Core.) Thanks Christel for letting me share this great and enviable news. This week Alisa and I spoke in Star Valley, Wyoming at the Afton Civic Center. The event was filmed and I’ll post it when receive it. What I […]

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This Is Your Child’s Brain on Common Core

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It’s important to remember that Common Core is not curriculum, (not yet any way,) and Idaho can use any curriculum we want, (see previous post.)  But if a state has adopted a set of standards that are going to be assessed via high stakes testing  it only makes sense to use a  curriculum that aligns with that standard. Here […]

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Federal Involvement in Common Core

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Idaho residents keep hearing how the federal government had no role in Common Core. With just a little research though, this claim can be found false. The following is a post from the Missouri Education Watchdog that helps refute what Idahoans are being told by our SDOE. Attendees at all the statewide Common Core DESE […]

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Nate Shelman Show KBOI News/Talk

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Today at 5pm Stacey Knudsen of Idahoans for Local Education will be on the Nate Shelman Show. Thank you Nate for giving equal time to the opposition.  http://www.670kboi.com/

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Idaho Reporter Video Interview

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Idaho Reporter Interview.    

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Austin Hill Show

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Thank you Austin Hill for allowing us time to talk about  our concerns with Common Core.  We will continue to speak out, to keep Idaho’s education under local control.  Let him know we appreciate this opportunity, and tune in at K I NF 99.1FM, You can listen to the whole interview at this link.  Austin Hill […]

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A Call to Action!!

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Several parents, grandparents,  former and current educators, attended the last task force meeting.  The meeting started at 6:30 and ended after 9:00.  Most of the speakers who attended the event spoke about their concerns with Common Core. In watching the news coverage on our major stations following the event, Common Core was hardly mentioned.  The […]

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The Sky is not Falling. Guest Post by Walter Trudo

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Many of you know that I was recently invited to a meeting to discuss concerns regarding the Common Core issues that have taken over our education system. I have been asked by several people about the details of this meeting and who was present. On April 23rd at 7 am at the request of Representative […]

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The Truth Behind the Myths

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The Idaho State Department of Education(SDOE) has put out a series of Myths.  What they claim to be myths are not myths at all.  We will examine the truths behind what they call myths, and ask you to do your own research. Our research is based on reading the documents that our state has written […]

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