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Huge Privacy Concerns- Did you know?

Filed in Uncategorized by on January 27, 2014 0 Comments

Did you know that your child’s Social Security Number is being collected and linked to their unique Student ID? Did you know that your child’s personal identifiable information is being stored in a data warehouse to be used by researchers? Did you know that anyone with an “educational” purpose can have access to this data […]

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Urgent Action Needed!

We have our first opportunity to let our Education Committee know how we feel about children’s privacy. They are meeting on September 12, WW55 from 8:30 to 4:30.  The agenda is full, and does not include any dissenting voices.  educationmeetingagenda The Data Quality Campaign will be represented.  “In September 2009 every state committed to implement the 12 […]

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Thank You!!!

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The Problem with Common Core Forum was a great success. We had over 200 participants who got to hear from our amazing panel of experts.  Thank you to all of the volunteers who made this possible. We will continue to stand with you to improve education in Idaho. Jane Robbins is an attorney and senior […]

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Idaho’s Path to Common Core Part 2

Filed in Uncategorized by on July 17, 2013 0 Comments

Race To the Top (RTTT) Idaho Grant Application RTTT Idaho Race to the Top MOU Idaho applied for RTTT funds in January of 2010. In our application Idaho’s State Department of Education laid out a very specific plan to meet the assurances. RTTT added many additional details to the scope and breadth of the Federal assurances. They […]

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Idaho’s Path to Common Core Part 1

Filed in Uncategorized by on July 16, 2013 0 Comments

Idaho has the Common Core State Standards, and many other Federal mandates because our Idaho politicians chose to ask, accept and apply for many federal dollars.  This is an outline of some of the education reforms we agreed to in exchange for federal funds.  All of the money from the federal government, or our tax […]

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Why is Common Core Bad For Idaho Children?

Filed in Uncategorized by on June 17, 2013 1 Comment

Common Core with it’s other federally mandated reforms does not improve education in Idaho.  It is about increasing federal oversight, commonality among students and states, and extensive testing.  All fueled by a federally mandated data base. Statewide Data System. Idaho, to meet the requirements of several federal mandates and grants, has significantly changed the way […]

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Nate Shelman Show KBOI News/Talk

Filed in Uncategorized by on May 22, 2013 0 Comments

Today at 5pm Stacey Knudsen of Idahoans for Local Education will be on the Nate Shelman Show. Thank you Nate for giving equal time to the opposition.

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Idaho Reporter Video Interview

Filed in Uncategorized by on May 15, 2013 0 Comments

Idaho Reporter Interview.    

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Austin Hill Show

Filed in Uncategorized by on May 14, 2013 0 Comments

Thank you Austin Hill for allowing us time to talk about  our concerns with Common Core.  We will continue to speak out, to keep Idaho’s education under local control.  Let him know we appreciate this opportunity, and tune in at K I NF 99.1FM, You can listen to the whole interview at this link.  Austin Hill […]

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A Call to Action!!

Filed in Uncategorized by on May 7, 2013 1 Comment

Several parents, grandparents,  former and current educators, attended the last task force meeting.  The meeting started at 6:30 and ended after 9:00.  Most of the speakers who attended the event spoke about their concerns with Common Core. In watching the news coverage on our major stations following the event, Common Core was hardly mentioned.  The […]

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