Thank You!!!

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The Problem with Common Core Forum was a great success. We had over 200 participants who got to hear from our amazing panel of experts.  Thank you to all of the volunteers who made this possible. We will continue to stand with you to improve education in Idaho. Jane Robbins is an attorney and senior […]

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{One Mom’s Opinion} Why We’re Homeschooling This Year

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Over the last several months my husband and I have made some life-changing decisions regarding our children’s education, and we aren’t the only ones.  More and more I hear people saying, “I’d never considered homeschooling before, but I really don’t like Common Core.” Here is one mother’s thoughts on the decision her family made.  From […]

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Idaho’s Path to Common Core Part 2

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Race To the Top (RTTT) Idaho Grant Application RTTT Idaho Race to the Top MOU Idaho applied for RTTT funds in January of 2010. In our application Idaho’s State Department of Education laid out a very specific plan to meet the assurances. RTTT added many additional details to the scope and breadth of the Federal assurances. They […]

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Idaho’s Path to Common Core Part 1

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Idaho has the Common Core State Standards, and many other Federal mandates because our Idaho politicians chose to ask, accept and apply for many federal dollars.  This is an outline of some of the education reforms we agreed to in exchange for federal funds.  All of the money from the federal government, or our tax […]

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What is Achieve, Inc., and Why You Should Care

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Last January I stood in front of the House Education Committee and expressed my concern about Common Core.  One of the things I mentioned was Acheive.  Dr. Carissa Miller, Deputy Superintendent at the Idaho State Department of Education and Co-Chair of the SBAC, told the committee that Achieve had nothing to do with Idaho and […]

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Emmett McGroarty Tell It Like It Is: “Common Core: Progress or Debacle”

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Conference Call

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Facts About Common Core Informational Conference Call Presented by Concerned Women for America Wednesday July 10, 8:30 pm EDT Join the call by dialing 760 569 7676, access code 303989 Speakers: Dr. Sandra Stotsky, CC Validation Committee Member Joy Pullman, Heartland Institute Richard Innes, Bluegrass Institute Kenda Bartlett, Concerned Women for America, Executive Director I […]

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The Common Core, Data Collection Connection

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There is a lot of noise out there about the connection between Common Core and data collection.  While parents are beginning to express concern about what can and will be collected on their children without their consent, and then what can be done with that data; proponents of Common Core are denying the fact that there is any connection. We’ve heard […]

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Common Core Losing Teacher Support

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A few months ago this teacher was in favor of Common Core.  She’s done more research since then and realized that Common  Core is so much more than just standards.  Anthony Cody at Ed Week  posted this: The Common Core Loses This Teacher’s Support Guest post by Katie Lapham. In April I carried a guest […]

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Bad Idea Then, Bad Idea Now.

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Last fall Idaho voters overwhelmingly defeated Students Come First, legislation that had been passed during the 2011 legislative session. One of the sticking points for many people was the merit pay, or pay-for-performance, that was to be awarded to teachers based on student preformance on assessments. With that in mind I have to wonder how […]

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