This Is Your Child’s Brain on Common Core

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It’s important to remember that Common Core is not curriculum, (not yet any way,) and Idaho can use any curriculum we want, (see previous post.)  But if a state has adopted a set of standards that are going to be assessed via high stakes testing  it only makes sense to use a  curriculum that aligns with that standard.

Here is a brief video that demonstrates a Common Core aligned English Language Arts text for young elemtary age children:

And this is an interview with a clinical mental health therapist explaining why many of the techniques used in the above example, and being  advocated by Common Core, are not just indoctrination, but actually dangerous for your child’s developing brain..  (It’s a little longer, but well worth your time.)

So the State Department of Education can mock the oponents of Common Core for saying that CC is indoctinating our  children,  but when it comes down to it what Common Core actually does is much more dangerous and worrisome than that.  Just ask an expert.

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