Urgent Action Needed!

We have our first opportunity to let our Education Committee know how we feel about children’s privacy.

They are meeting on September 12, WW55 from 8:30 to 4:30.  The agenda is full, and does not include any dissenting voices.  educationmeetingagenda

The Data Quality Campaign will be represented.  “In September 2009 every state committed to implement the 12 America COMPETES Elements—which include DQC’s 10 Essential Elements—and to publicly report this information. As a result, states are now reporting the status of their ability to collect this information to the US Department of Education,* and DQC will use those reports as its primary source of information about states’ progress building state longitudinal data systems.” IDDQCreport2012

This is Governor Otter’s and Superintendent Luna description of  Idaho to the U.S. Department of Education. “”Idaho is one of the last states to fully implement a SLDS. As a rural western state, strongly held beliefs in local control and limited government have made it necessary for Idaho to take the time to create an appropriate design for the SLDS.” Contact the members of the committee let them know we still believe in local control and limited government, and we want Idaho’s children protected from intrusive data mining.  If you are told things are not changing they are either uninformed or being misleading. Here is a document that explains the changes to FERPA.  FERPAregulationsDQC  This document is an overview of Idaho specific path.  Idaho Parents

COMMITTEE MEMBERS Education Committees   
Senator John Goedde, Co-chair Representative Reed DeMordaunt, Co-chair
Senator Steven Thayn, Representative Judy Boyle
Senator Jim Patrick, Representative Wendy Horman
Senator Fred Martin, Representative Julie VanOrden
Senator Branden Durst, Representative Holli Woodings




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  1. Jennifer_Locke says:

    Will average citizen (parents) be able to speak or testify?

  2. ivydunk says:

    I tried to get on the agenda and was told it is full. Please ask anyway, contact the chairs of the committee, Senator Goedde and Rep.Reed DeMourdant. I am going to keep trying.

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