John Bujak’s Position On Common Core

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John Bujak is the libertarian candidate for governor of Idaho.  Here is John’s position on Common Core in his own words.


I am against Common Core for three main reasons.  Firstly, there is so much detail in the Common Core Standards that it reduces a teachers flexibility in developing curriculum in our schools.  The amount of detail forces teachers to become dependent on pre-prepared curriculum and assessment, leaving little room for teachers to draw out and develop the students’ unique talents and accommodate developmental differences.

Secondly, with the complexity of the SBAC test, teachers are going to be forced to focus on test preparation in lieu of education.  The result will be a more cursory presentation of important educational topics.

Thirdly, the data mining that is done on our children under Common Core is an unnecessary invasion of privacy and has no legitimate interest in furthering educational goals.

In my opinion, Common Core is nothing short of a move towards nationalized education.  This will drive our students towards mediocrity and continue to disempower our parents and teachers in the educational process.  Idaho needs just the opposite for its children.  It needs empowered teachers and parents and an education system that can develop its standards at a local level so that Idaho’s children can be challenged to perform at levels above what has been identified by Common Core as appropriate national standards.


To learn more about John Bujak, visit his website.


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