Opt Out Idaho-Refuse the Test!

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The best way to kill this beast is to starve it.  The best way to starve it is to not submit our children to the SBAC/ISAT assessments.  But according to the State Dept. of Education there is no opt out mechanism for parents.  (Sounds like local control to me.)

Since this is the case the only option for parents is going to be civil disobedience, Refusing The Test.

We’re getting lots of questions regarding testing and what families should do.  Because this is an issue of civil disobedience we are working to make sure we have all of our ducks in a row.  We’re working on a plan and a website page that should give parents the support they need.  Please have patience with us as we put this together and remember that the testing window doesn’t open until Spring.

In the meantime this video by Kathleen Jasper of ConverstionEd, is a great resource.

Click here to get the PowerPoint

Click here to get #boycott resources.


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