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So you’ve been  learning about Common Core, talking to your neighbors and writing your congressman and now you want to DO something.


In his book, Children of the Core,  author Kris L. Nielsen gives some actions anyone can take to stage a peaceful revolution against Common Core.  One step he recommends is, “Stop Participating –Opt Out of Standardized Tests.”


In order to stop standardized testing, it’s going to take a large and coordinated action by many parents across many states.  The nice thing is, it’s easy for one person to start.  Others will follow.  It’s already started, so you aren’t going to be alone.  Of course, we are  stronger in numbers, so, after talking to other parents, try to find some friends who will join your plight. Try this:

Write a letter to the district, school, or state leadership politely informing them that your child(ren) will no longer be participating in high-stakes standardized tests, which are used to rank or evaluate children or teachers.  Remember, you are not requesting, you are informing.  Give them some valid reasons, such as your religious, medical, philosophical, or political opposition to these tests.  So far there is no state that can penalize you for opting your child out, although you may hear some school personnel use scare tactics.


Here are some websites he recommends:

Opt Out of Standardized Tests Wiki.

United Opt Out


Here are some opt out forms we’ve been collecting.  You can either use these as is or modify them to fit your circumstances better:

opt out.

Opt out 2

Here’s one from a previous post.

The testing isn’t the only thing you may want to opt out of.  Previously as parents you had to “opt in” to having your children’s directory data collected and shared.  Now you are required to actively opt out if you don’t want that sort of info shared.  So here’s a form for that.

Opt out data


Hope these help.


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