I’m So Jealous

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Last fall as I first started learning about Common Core I contacted Utahans Against Common Core asking them for help and guidance in doing the same thing here in Idaho. Christel Swasey then contacted me and started the long process of helping me understand what I needed to start reading and what I needed to start doing. Soon, I was in contact with several people from Utah who were more than willing to help me along the way.

These good people then put me in contact with Emmett McGroarty, from The American Principles Project. He spent a good deal of time holding my hand over the phone and through email, encouraging me to keep moving forward.

Well, tomorrow these two good people are going to be on the Glenn Beck Program talking about Common Core. (Along with a few other people who I don’t know, but who I’m sure are good people also.)

I’m so jealous of Glenn. He actually gets to meet Christel and Emmett in person.

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