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“Gates Led” Not “States Led”

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By Valerie Candelaria “Gates-Led” effort, not “State-Led” (seems more appropriate) – the Gates Foundation has been pursuing the goal of national standards, even global standards, for many years. Given the source, there has been an increased emphasis on “data-driven decision making”, which of course is dependent on technology, data collection systems, digital staff development tools, […]

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Common Core’s Invalid Validation Committee

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Common Core’s Invalid Validation Committee Sandra Stotsky Professor Emerita, University of Arkansas Paper prepared for a conference at University of Notre Dame September 9, 2013 Common Core’s K-12 standards, it is regularly claimed, emerged from a state-led process in which experts and educators were well represented. But the people who wrote the standards did not […]

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The Right Tienken Link

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I got a very nice email from Christopher Tienken letting me know the link I used in a previous post was not working.  He kindly supplied me with the right one. Here’s a link to his site. ICYMI VIDEO: Editorial Board interview: Standards don’t work, education expert says Need for curriculum called into question   […]

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More Christopher Tienken

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Christopher Tienken, an assistant professor of education administration at Seton Hall University in New Jersey, spoke with the Journal about the Common Core standards. Listen as he not only explains Common Core, but defends the American Education system. http:// Watch live streaming video from poughkeepsiejournal at

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Dr. James Milgram

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Dr. Milgram, an accomplished mathematician, was on the Common Core Validation Committee.  He refused to give his endorsement to the standards.  Here he is on a conference call for New York.

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#StopCommonCore Facebook Profile Picture Blast

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#StopCommonCore Facebook Profile Picture Blast

From Truth in American Education You are encouraged to change your Facebook prolife picture to a “Stop Common Core” picture this week from November 12th to November 15th.  We use our profile pictures to reflect who we are, what we love and what are passions are.  So why not use it to show our opposition […]

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Common Core or Coercion

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KBOI channel 2 and Brian Morrin did some great research and reporting on Common Core earlier this week.   There was only one problem during about the last 10 seconds of the story.  Can you spot it? Thank you Brian and Channel 2.

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They’re Freeeeeee

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Mila Wood Revisiting props 1,2,3. Can I interest any of you in some unfunded mandates?? “They are freeeeeeee” Proposition 3: puts computers first, students and teachers last Proposition 3 is a largely unfunded state mandate that forces local schools to spend millions on expensive technology before they spend money reducing the size of overcrowded classes, […]

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Idaho School Board Contact

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Please remember to contact your local school board members to encourage them to vote no on Resolution #2. We don’t want our children to be used as guinea pigs.  Stop Common Core in Idaho! Idaho School districts in Alphabetical Order: Aberdeen School District #58 American Falls School District #381 Arbon Elementary District #383 Avery District […]

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School Boards to Vote on Common Core Issues

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By Mary Adler Most parents perceive our local School Board as being precisely what its name implies, a local entity that functions solely within our child’s school district. In general this is true; however, they too have a state wide organization that lobbies on their behalf to our state legislature and other state level entities. […]

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