Support Parents’ Rights

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With the legislature in session right now, there’s an awful lot to keep up on.

Tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. in House State Affairs Committee, Senator Janet Trujillo’s Parents’ Rights Bill will receive a hearing.

You can read the text of the bill here:

Please consider contacting the members of this committee and asking them to support this very important bill.

Phone: 332-1145

Members of the commitee are:
Chair Thomas F. Loertscher
Vice Chair Gayle L. Batt
Ken Andrus
Lynn M. Luker
Brent J. Crane
Joe Palmer
Kathleen Sims
Vito Barbieri
James Holtzclaw
Shannon McMillan
Linden B. Bateman
Don Cheatham
Pete Nielsen
Elaine Smith
Paulette Jordan
John McCrostie
Melissa Wintrow

If you choose to contact these house members individually the email address is usually:
first initial last

For example Gayle Batt would be,

Thank you!

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