The Attorney General’s Letter

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Parents continue to be told they can’t opt out/refuse their children take the SBAC/ISAT2.o.  A letter from the Attorney General is often referenced.

Take a moment to read the letter.  What does it actually say?  It is in response to two questions:

1. Can a parent refuse to allow their child to be included in the state’s longitudinal data system?

2. Can a district refuse to implement academic standards set by the state of Idaho?


Notice, nothing about an refusing a test, and nowhere in the letter is testing addressed.  Do a document search for: Testing, Assessment, SBAC or ISAT, all of the words associated with the testing here in Idaho.  Those words are found nowhere in the letter.

The contents of the letter are disturbing, but they do not address a parents right to refuse the SBAC/ISAT2.0


So at the risk of sounding rude or sarcastic I have to wonder,  have the districts that reference this letter read it?  Or do they think parents can’t read?

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  1. Ann Inquirer says:

    REFUSE is the word that must be used, not opt out, as well as citing the SCOTUS Parental Rights Doctrine. However with the bluff that is going on in ID, it is best to pay @$200 and have a lawyer send the Refusal Letter so the school/dist. will not intimidate. More info here:

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