Highlighting Misinformation

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In January of this year a group of state superintendents sent a letter to Sec. Arne Duncan. The purpose of the letter was “to confirm that the consortia will not share any personally identifiable information about k-12 students with USED or any federal agency.”

Dr. Karen Effrem, president of Education Liberty Watch stated,

“The letter is deceptive.  The states may not give the individual student test data to the federal government, but the cooperative agreement and the federal FERPA regulations require or allow the consortia to give individual test and other student data to the feds without consent.”

On March 13th, Sec. Duncan sent Supt. Luna a response.  It is full of comforting, if false, statements about student data privacy.

I’ve taken the opportunity to highlight some of the misinformation in the letter.

 Duncan, 3-24-14 data highlighted 2

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