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I was just recently accused of only posting Glenn Beck rants.  Let me quickly explain something to those who are new to the Common Core discussion.  Although this site is relatively new,  I have been working diligently on researching Common Core and posting what I’ve learned on Facebook for six months now and have had only minimal success or interest from others.  The local 9-12 group was the first to hop on board just two months ago and began helping me spread the anti-Common Core message.  Other than that, things had progressed rather slowly and I was feeling discouraged.

Enter Glenn Beck.

In just a matter of days things exploded.  Suddenly  facebook  was buzzing with the words Common Core.  My two Idaho pages have seen a huge increase in the number of “likes.”   All the hard work is beginning to seem worthwhile.  I can only imagine how the people in Utah, Indiana and Georgia, who have been working on this a year or two longer than I have are feeling.

So please excuse me if I seem to have a little crush on Glenn.  I’ve only been mentioning him for the past couple of weeks.  Prior to that, he was as clueless about Common Core as you were!  But now he has just made what I’ve been trying to do so much easier, and yes, I love him for it.

And in the meantime, enjoy these clips from last nights show:


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  1. No need to apologize for the Glenn Beck connection. He is the only one who is telling us the truth, and putting it out there, if someone else was doing that, we would be using their labors and combining forces with them.

  2. Dan Roberts says:

    Although im admittedly not a big Beck fan anylonger we do need to stick together. I had a simular bump from beck on classes I was teaching for years on The 5000 Year Leap…..and when he started talking about it….wammo things changed quickly. Kudos to beck on this one!

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