What Is Being Data-Mined Without Parental Consent?

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This is a long post, but it is well worth reading clear to the end.   By Christel Swasey  originally posted on Whatiscommoncore.wordpress.com   Even though the columns will be gone and it will be confusing and messy, I’m going to cut and paste a truckload of attributes from the National Data Collection model’s spreadsheet. […]

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Too much Glenn Beck??

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I was just recently accused of only posting Glenn Beck rants.  Let me quickly explain something to those who are new to the Common Core discussion.  Although this site is relatively new,  I have been working diligently on researching Common Core and posting what I’ve learned on Facebook for six months now and have had only minimal success or interest from others.  The local […]

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There’s Gold in Them Thar Schools

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Some things about a poor education can be compensated for at home. If a school is weak in teaching reading or math, parents can work on those subjects at home with their children.  But sometimes there are things that cannot be fixed at home. One of those things is the data mining and collection that […]

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