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I’ve never really wanted to run a website or be a blogger. I am a poor typist for a number of reasons; either there is a child in my lap or it’s too late at night – neither of which are very conducive to clear logical communication. But, last summer (2012) my sister drew my attention to Common Core and that is where this story begins. My initial reaction was, “Well, since Governor Otter and State Superintendent Tom Luna signed us up for it, it can’t be that bad.” My sister told me I needed to look into it further. That was my first mistake, listening to my sister. I started doing some digging and what I found started to bother me to the point I was either a) dreaming about Common Core, or b) not sleeping because I was thinking about it. One morning in September after not sleeping well, I realized someone had to stop it and I might as well get started. (It was about this time I also found out I was expecting baby #8). I found myself sitting at the computer for hours reading documents, looking at websites, neglecting my children, (not really they were perfectly happy building block houses around me), and learning more and more. At that point I contacted some very kind people from Utah Against Common Core who have helped me figure out what direction I needed to take. They also introduced me to other wonderful people, like Jane Robbins and Emmett McGroarty, from the American Principles Project who, in turn, introduced me to Shane Vander Hart who developed this website for me. I’ve had friends and neighbors (Angela Schroath and Joan Colvin) who began helping me do research, and Beau Burke who helped introduce me to people. The list goes on and on. This is not a path I had ever imagined taking. I always thought my only job would be to raise the next generation of happy, responsible, patriotic citizens who can take care of themselves and their families. But sometimes, when you realize what’s happening around you isn’t good, you have to do more than complain, put up campaign signs and talk to your neighbors. You have to step outside your comfort zone and hope that Someone smarter than yourself is guiding your footsteps… Welcome to Idahoans for Local Education.


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  1. Warren Grover says:

    Stephanie, you have come a long way in a very short time! I am glad to be working with you on this project and only wish I was half as knowledgeable on the issues as you are. Let me know how I can help with this fight.

    Warren Grover

  2. Angela says:

    I hope you don’t feel alone in the fight against CC! We may be small, but we’ll grow in time. The website looks fantastic! Your friend did a fantastic job on it.

  3. ExperiencedPatriot says:

    I know you may feel somewhat alone in this at the moment, since you’ve garnered the public spotlight to date. But soon we will begin drawing the attention of parents and teachers alike who know this is fundamentally wrong. Keep the faith!


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