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Testing is Upon Us

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Spring is a wonderful time of year, except for the allegries and standardized tests that come along with it. Recently Truth in American Education ran a post about opting out of the tests.  We thought we’d share it here. Five Tips for Refusing the Test February 8, 2018 By Shane Vander Hart and J.R. Wilson […]

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The Curriculum Conundrum

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Every time an outlandish, over-the-top homework assignment or controversial textbook is reported on it’s automatically assumed to be the direct result of Common Core by many of its opponents.  While Common Core has numerous and well-documented problems and shortcomings, we can’t truthfully blame everything on it – as tempting as that may be… Leslie Beck of […]

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A Common Core Agnostic Is Turned

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I was vaguely aware of who Diane Ravitch was before Common Core, but honestly didn’t agree with much of what she had to say. But she has finally made up her mind about Common Core and she doesn’t like it. As mentioned in the article below she thinks it’s going to drive people to charter […]

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