Nuture the Bear, Refuse the Test

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SBAC/ISAT testing has started and parents, who have every right, are being told they cannot opt their children out of the tests.  Attached is a Parental Directive that will make it abundantly clear that your children are not to take the test.  You can fill in the blanks with your children’s names, school district and all the necessary information.  We recommend that you send a copy to all teachers and administrators.

We also have a  list of Parental Rights to go with your Parent Directive.

There is still  a tab for test refusal resources.  It’s a few years old, but there’s still a lot of good stuff there. (See above and hover.)

We have a couple of good posts from Truth in American Education.

You may be told that the ISAT is required for graduation. Happily, NOT SO!!! That was changed just a few years ago.

You might also be told that the state will lose money if they don’t meet the 95% student threshold.  Once again, NOT SO!!!.

This is not one of the fun parts of parenting, but it is vital. It is your responsibility to protect your children from this stress-inducing, age-inappropriate, data-collecting monster.  So come on, nurture that Mama Bear, we all know she lives in your heart.  Your kids need her.




*On a personal note.  I know I’ve been absent the last several years.  When I got involved in fighting Education Reform I was the mother of seven.  Now, over six years later we have 10 happy, healthy children, eight of which are still at home. (A couple of them grew up and left, I’m not sure who gave them permission to do that but I sure don’t like it.)  A lot of life has happened.  Some bad, a great deal of good, and a whole lot of busy.   I’m working toward being more involved again, but the truth is my kids come first.  So, if I can fit this in between, I will.  The goal for those of us who make up I4LE is to be the best resource for you we can.

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