Idaho Should Replace the SBAC/ISAT Test

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Idaho Should Replace the SBAC/ISAT Test

By Mila Wood

With the assumption that a summative test is the best way to prove to the federal
government that Idaho students are successful, there are a number of issues to choose
from that make the SBAC/ISAT test a bad idea for Idaho. Aside from it being an illegal,
federally funded test, there are three things that should unite us as citizens to demand
the SBAC/ISAT be replaced.

1) The SBAC test is not valid or reliable-it has never been proven to test what it says it
tests, nor to be accurate in what it actually tests. This is not only negligent, but it’s not
congruent with our own Idaho laws that govern education.

2) The SBAC has very little to no actionable data. Many schools have had to add one
or more tests to get the data that teachers actually need to inform instruction. In the age
of over testing, the SBAC does not enhance class time- but wastes it.

3) The SBAC is VERY expensive-In 2010, there were 31 states in the SBAC
Consortium and our cost was $33.00 per child. Now there are 13 states remaining. Will
Idaho be left holding the bag? Our Oregon neighbors recently performed an audit of
their SBAC, and the results were very telling considering that they have almost exactly
twice as many students as Idaho. Their testing expenses went from $3.5 MILLION to
$616 MILLION. Even cutting these numbers in half is terribly nauseating and
irresponsible.  It’s no wonder no Idaho legislator has been willing to inquire about an
audit for Idaho in the past three years.

Citizens should applaud a few brave superintendents that have taken the time to meet
with the IOWA test company, ask questions and compared the two tests. One is
reliable & valid.  One is cost effective. One has loads of actionable data.

Don’t Idaho kids, taxpayers, parents and teachers deserve a test that is fiscally
responsible, accurate and one that enhances class time not detract from it?

Here is a two part Video of the Iowa test company’s presentation


Feel free to forward these to Superintendent Ybarra as she was unavailable for any of the
presentations. Or call her: 208-332-6815, or email:


Nor was she able to send either of these two gentleman.  You may want to send the presentation to them also.

Deputy Superintendent Pete Koehler: | ph 208.332.6814

Community Relations Officer Dr. Chuck Zimmerly: (208) 332-6853,,



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