The Common Core Conspiracy

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Opponents of Common Core get called a lot of names, most of which can be distilled down to one idea; conspiracy theorists.  Legislators, newspaper articles, even friends, neighbors and family members have been known to poke fun at grassroots activists.  However, there’s a problem when we have the documentation to back up the conspiracy.  Suddenly the theory becomes fact. 

Lairfoilhat-560x418 (1)   So I prefer to be called a Conspiracy Factist.


Victoria Young started documenting and fighting education reform when her children were in school nearly 20 years ago, so when Common Core came around she was primed and ready for the fight.  She has a website and book called The Crucial Voice. She recently wrote a great article about the Common Core Conspiracy.  It was in response to an article by  Joanna Weiss The good and bad of all those tests.  Victoria provides the documentation to prove the conspiracy is far from theory.  It’s all in black and white.


Conspiracy? Based on documents produced by those who concocted the Common Core State Standards Initiative, my opinion would be —yes!


Take a minute and wonder over to The Crucial Voice,  read and become a fellow “Conspiracy Factist.”


Conspire or collaborate? It’s all in a word. The bottom line is, the Common Core State Standards Initiative is not “just standards.” This is a package deal. It is a well-designed, well-documented plan for training parents, school board members, administrators, teachers, and policy-makers to accept “education reform” that is more focused on workforce development than student development.




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  1. Lori DeMeo says:

    I love this conspiracy theory for the Common Core!

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