No SBAC ANYTHING for your kids!

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Why would I be reposting a blog from the Missouri about a story from California?  Because it may have relevance to your children.  Idaho has contracted with the same company California did to administer the SBAC.   Warning!!! When they say graphic pics, they mean it.  I would not look at this post or click on the links to Odee if you have children around.


“NO SBAC ANYTHING for your kids!

Do you hear me?  I’M SHOUTING!”AIR-SBAC-e1407508653119

From a mom in Californians Against Common Core:

WARNING,GRAPHIC PICS! I’m sorry for posting these pics but it’s better that you see them here before your 12 yr. old child sees them in class.

This information was shared by a California teacher. This is from **ancillary materials (see below)** for a 6th grade ELA performance task provided by Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium called, “Inventions classroom activity.” Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) and American Institutes of Research (AIR) are the makers of the new CAASPP test with practice assessments and performance tasks already underway for your child unless you OPT your child OUT of this test, today! AIR is one of the largest behavioral and social science research organizations in the world. They developed the psychometric testing in the SBAC/CAASPP. Who here believes the lie that materials like this are just bad common core implementation and poor curriculum? Did we pay SBAC $360 million for this? This is not an accident. This test is the reason why we adopted common core in California. Follow the pics in order to get to the cited source of the website which shows these pics on the right side bar.

For the love of our children, OPT YOUR CHILD OUT of ALL SBAC interim, formative, performance tasks, and summative assessments. Send an email to your principal and teacher stating your opt out. You might want to even send them this post to let them know that your OPT OUT is for EVERYTHING SBAC. Teachers are mandatory reporters for child abuse in California. Time to make some phone calls about the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium.

The ads that you see are article links (part of the website) on the side bar.  This website is listed as a source for teachers on the performance task. Follow the sequence of the pics and you’ll see the website on the bottom of the 4th SBAC pic. A teacher who didn’t preview this site may pull it up in class during the performance task.

Click on “inventions” to access this doc. The website is at the bottom of the page under “Sources”.…/classroom-activities/…

Question:  Are these random pics that come up, or part of the test?

Answer:  It’s one of those pop culture websites that SBAC cited as a resource for the teachers to use in class! (Look at the bottom of the fourth page listed for the links).  The pics change every time you bring up the site.

It’s a performance task.  Those are NOT ads. They are articles on the website. This is the psychometrics in the SBAC by AIR. They are metatagging what articles your child clicks on! Measuring and tracking attitudes and beliefs. Same thing with Achieve3000, Newsela, et al! GET YOUR KIDS OFF THE COMPUTERS AT SCHOOL!



MEW NOTE: **Ancillary materials described in Washington state SBAC site:

ancillary materials


sbac cover

sbac 1


sbac 2

sbac 3

 This last website ( listed above as a resource for 6th graders shows visuals and websites such as these to possibly be used as ancillary materials (used on overhead projectors, smart boards or as handouts):

sbac 5

sbac 6 sbac 4

sbac ad 2


sbac ad 1



If you live in another SBAC state, contact your school immediately to determine if the performance testing in your school includes the testing California is using for its 6th grade ELA students.  SBAC has partnered with AIR so it’s possible this is happening in your state as well.   Ask to see the assessments your children are being assessed on in their school. Here’s some information regarding AIR and cognitive testing in 2012 from SBAC CDE Update Issue 24 in 2012:

AIR student involvement

Refer to our previous post on why you should refuse the test based on inappropriate reading assessment levels in SBAC.  I’ve talked to the Missouri teacher/mom who is refusing the test for her children.  She said this is but one more reason to refuse the test for your children.

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