Multiple District’s Refusal Forms

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Their words, not mine.  Opt out.  I usually try to use the word refuse, but when a district has a form that says “Opt Out”  I figure it’s safe to use.

Attached are different forms from three school districts.

It’s well know that Madison School District has opted out from taking the SBAC.  This form was used last year.  Fortunately for students, parents and teachers in this district, they won’t need it this year.  Madison Opt out form

I don’t have an easily printable pdf of the Bonneville opt out form, but you can at least see that they have one, even if some of the bullet points are less than accurate.


Bonneville Opt Out.

Click to enlarge.

The last one I have to share comes from the Teton School district.  It’s very similar to the Bonneville form.  Teton opt out form.

I’ve talked with an employee from the West Ada School District. Parents at their school aren’t even questioned if they ask to refuse the test and parents aren’t required to remove their children from the school grounds during testing.

Why some school districts are telling parents it’s illegal when it’s not, I’m not certain.  But if you’re one of those parents who’s being told no, why not print out the three forms above,  fill them out and  take them into your school.  Maybe if they won’t accept your refusal letter, they’ll accept another school districts opt out letter.


Happy refusing!

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  1. CoDele says:

    My older boys could potentially miss 8 days of school because they can’t be on campus during testing or retesting. What’s so secretive that they can’t even be on campus? My husband holds a legitimate Top Secret clearance through the Federal government and I’m allowed on NASA facilities as a civilian with him even though they conduct actual Top Secret missions. I feel like I’m being bullied by these Saul Alinsky tactics in the Bonneville School District.

    • Mary Ollie says:

      I have a real problem when I hear that children are denied the right to be in school IF their parents refuse the SBAC/ISAT 2.0 (whatever). The Idaho constitution gives children the right to a free public education. Parents have the right of free speech and the right to protest. What I’m hearing is that when parents are exercising their rights, children are denied their rights. Where is the ACLU on this? Wonder if any parents have asked that question of ACLU or of an attorney?

    • Mila Wood says:

      CoDele—there is NO law in Idaho that allows the school to force you to keep your kid off campus for testing. Let us know if you need help 🙂

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