IACI Tirade and Common Core

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Take a minute to think about the profanity-laced, vulgar tirade that took place in the leaked email by IACI president LaBeau the end of February.  It was so foul that I’m not even going to link directly to it.  You’ll have to go to the article and the link to it from there if you really want to read it.  I think it’s enough to say that in the email Mr. LaBeau makes his contempt for teachers well known.

I bring this up for one reason.  The organization that Mr. LaBeau heads, Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry, (IACI)  is listed as one of the members of Idahoans for Excellence in Education.  Idahoans for Excellence in Education was formed for the soul purpose of promoting the Common Core Standards.  (With a grant of $200,000 from GE via Jeb Bush’s Foundation for Excellence in Education.)

After reading what Mr. LaBeau really thinks of teachers you have to wonder if his organization’s support of Common Core is because they actually believe it’s best for the education of Idaho children, or because it’s best for Idaho big money.

Who is the true customer of education?  Our children or big business?


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  1. Mary Ollie says:

    This old but classic blog reminds us who is behind all of this. Education reform is not about Dems or Repubs or the left versus the rights. It’s about the party of money and all of us. http://www.livingindialogue.com/common-core-standards-ten-colossal-errors/

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