Let ESEA Ride into the Sunset!

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Yesterday I received two emails regarding the new ESEA authorization, “Every Child College or Carreer Ready Act of 2015” by Senator Lamar Alexander.  It seems he has fast tracked the bill leaving no time for opposing testimony to be heard.

Some are very distraught:

  •  You can read this post by Anita Hoge for a better understaning of what is going to take place if this legislation is made law.

The following is a letter from Sandra Stotsky. She explains how this legislation removes local control of education.

I have been challenged to explain how Common Core is built into the re-authorization of ESEA. Very simple.

The bill builds in Common Core in a clever way–by putting the “Plan” for academic content standards in each state in the hands of its DoE. Moreover, not only does it put control of the “Plan” into a state’s department of education, it also excludes development and review of the “Plan” by academic experts at the college level. Very clever language contributed probably by Fordham.

“which peer review teams shall reflect a balanced representation of individuals who—

(I) have practical experience in the classroom, school administration, or State or local government; and

(II) have been a direct employee of a school, local educational agency, or State educational agency…”

People who care about the security and defense of this country should Google Rep. John Kline and Sen. Lamar Alexander in order to send a direct e-mail to them on their websites, and tell them that they don’t want any bill re-authorizing ESEA at all. They want ESEA sunsetted after extensive national public discussion of how to educate low-income children without damaging them further and all of public education K-20 at the same time.

Sandra Stotsky

(Emphasis mine)

Our time is short!
Until Feb. 2 Alexander has an email set up for feedback. Request repeal of ESEA/NCLB….it cannot be fixed.

That’s Monday.

Share this with Senators Crapo and Risch and with Congressman Labrador and Simpson.

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