The Loss of Idaho’s Educational Sovereignty ppt

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New under the resource tab.  This power point has links to lots of resources.  We hope to have a recorded version of this sometime soon.

Myth v Fact Presentation

Common Core Myth vs Facts PowerPoint

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  1. Ken Trefaller says:

    Coomon Core will bring the downfall of this country because t tells the big lie to our kids. It indoctrinates them with principles that have failed everywhere they have been tried. Our kids should be taught that America is a great country, not perfect we have made mistakes. Capitalism is the best systeim of economics in the world and has been a proven success.I wish our kids were being taught these facts. They are not. Letting the Feds into public educatuon can only ruin it. What has the Dept of Education with its 100 billion dollar budget per year done for education?

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