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Glenn Beck’s We Will Not Conform broadcast listed a number of documents, articles and other resources.    I have them listed here in one spot ready and waiting for your reading/watching/researching pleasure:

(All the Idaho-specific documents listed in this plan are here below.)

Controlling Education From the Top

 Pioneer Institute White Paper Collection

Common Core Fact Sheet

Policy Tips Heartland



Be sure to watch the whole series.

Idaho-Race to the Top Grant-Application

RTTT executive-summary – highlights, notes


Washington Post:  The People Behind the Standards


Only one school district in Idaho has received grant money from the Gates Foundation and both times it was before 2009:

Grant 1   Grant 2


State School Board minutes of approval for Common Core

State School Board minutes Aug 11-12, 2010  However, there is some confusion as this press release  has a different date for approval.  I have asked for clarification twice from the State Dept. of Education and received no response to date.

Contact information for the State Board of Education.

Legislation for Idaho.  This page needs a little up dating I will try to get to it soon. (Link 2)

Get to know the education players in the state and on a local level.


Idaho belongs to the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium.

Here is a great slide show put together by the Heartland Institute and Joy Pullman.


Please be sure to see our Take Action page, it has a list of contact information for many of the officials in our state.  Also, take a moment to look at the County Connect page.  There you can see who is willing to network in your area.  Contact me to add your name to the list.

Conforming has never been a strong suite of mine.  I hope you will join me.

– Stephanie


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