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Support Idaho Teachers.  Opt Out Now!

Here is an opt out form we know works.  A superintendent in Idaho used it to opt out his children.  Simple and easy.

Read this article to learn what you’re going to be told  by the school.

Here are some things you can do to make it easier:

  • Ask , “Show me the ​law that says I must submit my children to this test, particularly the field test this spring where they have already admitted there will be no scores received.” Or “Show me the law that says parents do not have the right to make this decision”.


  •  Have a script regarding the policies.  If the principal tells you that all students are required to take the test, tell them you’d like to see where the policy is stated.  If the principal tells you it’s not official policy, but that your child could be penalized grade-wise or retained, ask to see the policy that addresses grades, retention and promotion.


  • Use a letter that you know works for Idaho. (See above.)


  • Have a buddy, (there is strength in numbers).


  • Let’s make this fun.  Send us a picture of you after you’ve opted out.  Show us how you’re going to announce to the world that you’ve exercised your parental rights Paint your car windows, put a sign on your car or in your front window.  We’ll make a page dedicated to these pictures.


  • Design us an easily printed logo that we could use to put on our cars or front windows.  (Okay this won’t make it easier, I thought it might be fun.)

They’re trying to intimidate us so let’s politely put it back in their faces.


Breaking News

Opting Your Children Out Will Not

Harm your School’s Star Rating

You may have heard that if your student doesn’t take the test your school will lose its star rating.  Stacey Knudsen  was just told by a teacher that this year’s testing will not affect a school’s star rating.   Read the highlighted part in these  minutes  from the SBOE that back this up.  Star Rating to remain the same for the year.



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