Parental Bill of Rights

Did you know that Idaho doesn’t have a Parental Bill of Rights?  Representative Janet Trujillo wants to change that,  particularly in regards to parental rights and education.  She has written a wonderful bill that you should read and support.  (It’s only one page long and it makes sense.)

Here’s just a little of what it says

(1) Under the Constitution, and as recognized by Idaho courts, parents have a right to participate in the supervision and control of the education of their children. A fundamentally fair process must be provided to parents if the state moves to challenge or interfere with parental rights relating to their children’s education.

(2) The state recognizes that a parent has the right, obligation, responsibility and authority to participate in their children’s education and the state’s role is secondary and supportive to the role of a parent.

(3) It is the public policy of this state that parents retain the fundamental right and duty to exercise primary control over the care, supervision, upbringing, and education of their children.

(4) This state, any political subdivision of this state or any other governmental entity shall not infringe on these rights without demonstrating that the compelling governmental interest as applied to the child involved is the highest order, is narrowly tailored and is not otherwise served by a less restrictive means.


All common sense stuff.

Please contact your legislators and encourage them to pass this piece of legislation.

(It has no number attached to it yet.  We will update you when it does.)