Cascading Momentum Against Common Core

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Shane Vander Hart and Emmett McGroarty  put together this list.

  No doubt more needs to be added to it.  But this is significant.  Policymakers need to understand that this movement is exploding:

Indiana is clearly on the way out of the Common Core.

Georgia actually won a RttT grant, yet a very strong exit bill passed the Senate Education Committee last week on a unanimous vote.

A bill passed the AZ Senate Eduation Committee last week on a 6-3 vote.

The NEA withdrew support for the CC.  Significantly, it did not critisize implementation but called for an examination of the content as well.


30 states have stop Common Core bills filed in their state legislatures this session –

Indiana bill to end Common Core clears Senate, & House Ed Committee; gov. expected to sign-

Georgia Common Core Exit Bill passes Senate Education Committee –

Arizona Common Core Bill Passes Senate Education Committee –

NEA (longtime CC supporter) backtracking on Common Core – Argues implementation has been a catastrophe and standards should be examined for content changes-

New York revolts against Common Core –

450 Missouri residents attend rally at State Capitol – ,

South Carolinians protest lack of action on Common Core bill –

Floridians protest Common Core –

500 rally in Utah –,

Packed hearing in Kansas –

Oklahomans visit OK Senate Education Committee –

Scott Walker staff drafted bill aimed at Common Core State Standards –



So next time you hear someone say no one has dropped Common Core.  You can answer with a smile, “Not yet, but it’s coming.”

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  1. Breann says:

    Oh, yes. It’s coming…

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