Bill Gates Said It Himself.

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What is the real agenda behind Common Core? Why not hear it from the man behind the curtain, Mr. Bill Gates himself.

This is from Glenn’s show yesterday. The first few minutes explain why Exxon/Mobile would support Common Core. Plausible? I think so.

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  1. Bill Gates exposing the real agenda behind Common Core.

    “In terms of standards, the state-led Common Core State Standards
    Initiative is developing clear, rigorous standards that will match the
    best in the world.

    “Last month 46 governors and Chief State
    School Officers made a public commitment to embrace those standards.
    This is encouraging. Identifying Common Standards is just the starting
    point. We’ll only know if this effort has succeeded, when the
    curriculum and the tests are aligned to these standards.

    “Secretary Arne Duncan recently announced that $350 million of the
    stimulus package will be used to create just these kinds of tests. This
    assessment align to the Common Core when the tests are aligned to the
    Common Standards, the curriculum will be aligned as well

    will unleash a powerful market of people providing services for better
    teaching. For the first time there will be a large uniform base of

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