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Video: Dr. Christopher Tienken Speaks Out in New York

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Dr. Christopher Tienken spoke at a conference on Common Core held in New York this month. His hard-hitting speech, posted below, includes the powerful, shattering truth that there’s no evidence to support the claims of Common Core proponents.  The emperor is wearing no clothes.   “Major policies that we impose on children and parents should […]

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Idaho’s Superintendent of the Year!

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Idaho’s Superintendent of the Year!

Sitting on the Governors Task Force was one very brave educator.  Dr. Geoffrey Thomas from the Madison School District was the lone dissenting vote against Common Core.  I had the privilege of speaking with him over the phone this morning.  As he talked with me about his concerns with Common Core I was very impressed […]

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New Teacher Survey

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We keep hearing about how much teachers LOVE Common Core, they can’t say enough good about it.  I have heard from a few teachers and their take is completely different but they’re afraid to say anything for fear of losing their jobs. One teacher told me, “If I want to keep teaching in Idaho, I […]

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Ze’ev Wurman’s Slides

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Ze’ev Wurman was kind enough to share the slides from his presentation.   There is a great deal of useful information in them. Enjoy! Z Wurman 7-27-13 Charts  

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Summer Conference

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At the end of July we had an amazing Common Core conference with Jane Robbins, Ze’ev Wurman and Sandra Stotsky. They explained in great detail just why Common Core is detrimental to our country, the great state of Idaho and our children. The video is 3.5 hours long and full of information.  Sitting at the conference, the time […]

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Meridian School District adopts Common Core science standards for Biology.

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By Keilani Ludlow MSD recently adopted A Framework for K-12 Science Education (AFSE)  as the district textbook for teaching Biology. A Framework for K-12 Science Education was developed as part of a two step process to develop national science standards. This process was begun specifically to take advantage of the common core movement and to put these national […]

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My First Experience with NCLB and Why I am Fearful of CC

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Guest Post by Mila Wood The first time I remember having to come to the realization that public school could be dangerous to society as a whole was when my now Junior in high school was in fourth grade. I had always been an active parent, volunteering lots of time for the classes my kids […]

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My apologies

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“Where were you when No Child Left Behind was passed?”  This is a question beinging asked a lot lately by bloggers, teachers, and in the comments section of a variety of common core-related articles.  It always seems to come with a hint of, “The only reason you didn’t fight NCLB is because your guy passed it. ”  Well, that’s a valid question […]

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A Mom’s response to Luna letter

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This is the opening of a letter sent out by Supt. Luna: Dear Governor C.L. “Butch” Otter, Chairman John Goedde and Chairman Reed DeMordaunt: In recent months, the Idaho State Department of Education has fielded many questions related to data collection in education. As the state moves toward higher academic standards in mathematics and English language […]

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Common Core Math Really is Better

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So when you make a mistake, just go into the bank and explain how you came up with your balance.  They will totally understand and remove any overdraft fees from your account. Works for me.

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