That pesky 15%

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At one point Superintendent Tom Luna referenced a letter Utah got from Secretary Arne Duncan as evidence that states, including Idaho, had not lost control of their standards.  He was trying to obtain a similar letter for Idaho. However, timing is everything.  It needs to be noted Utah’s letter was received after  Race To The Top but before […]

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A Well Researched Response to a Conservative Publications Pro-CC Article

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Yesterday Glenn Beck gave a fairly lengthy response to Kathleen Porter-Magee and Sol Stern’s piece in National Review  on Common Core. These are just a few of the points he made. National Review Online (NRO): Common Core is not “ObamaCore,” as some suggest. While President Obama often tries to claim credit, the truth is that […]

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There’s Gold in Them Thar Schools

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Some things about a poor education can be compensated for at home. If a school is weak in teaching reading or math, parents can work on those subjects at home with their children.  But sometimes there are things that cannot be fixed at home. One of those things is the data mining and collection that […]

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