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Idaho Common Core Myths vs Facts: The Reality of Data Collection

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With the help of Rome Saranto, (okay let’s be honest, Rome pretty much did the videos himself,) we now have a series of short videos regarding some basic truths and Common Core. Here’s the first one. Idaho Common Core Myths vs Facts: The Reality of Data Collection Here are the documents referenced in the video: […]

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SBAC Test Text Evidence

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By Mila Wood  In response to Tom Luna’s release of his SBAC promotion video and “text evidence:” All along my main concerns as a parent and a tax paying citizen of our state with the SBAC test have been; 1) invasive data collection 2) the test is UNtested, UNproven and UNfinished 3) the kids’ test […]

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They’re Freeeeeee

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Mila Wood Revisiting props 1,2,3. Can I interest any of you in some unfunded mandates?? “They are freeeeeeee” Proposition 3: puts computers first, students and teachers last Proposition 3 is a largely unfunded state mandate that forces local schools to spend millions on expensive technology before they spend money reducing the size of overcrowded classes, […]

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My First Experience with NCLB and Why I am Fearful of CC

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Guest Post by Mila Wood The first time I remember having to come to the realization that public school could be dangerous to society as a whole was when my now Junior in high school was in fourth grade. I had always been an active parent, volunteering lots of time for the classes my kids […]

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