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Why Conservatives Should Oppose Tiered Licensure

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By Mary Ollie As a teacher, I’ve studied the tiered licensure proposal adopted by SBOE and have written about it a few times.  I wanted to share with you a conservative view. First of all, the teaching profession is not riddled with lousy teachers.  When teachers do struggle, it is their colleagues who are first […]

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Opting Out FAQ

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Mary Ollie put together a slide show of FAQ’s and documents regarding parental rights and the importance of opting out.  This is a great presentation that will help answer the questions you may have regarding your rights as a parent to opt your children out of the tests.  If you need a little encouragement to, “screw your courage […]

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Buyer’s Remorse

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Mary Ollie   We’ve all heard about the family that enters a contest and wins a new house. Everyone is excited.  Members of the press trip over each other in order to produce the best photos and the most glowing accounts about this wonderful new house.  The family settles in and then the utility and […]

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An Insider’s View on Testing

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Mary Ollie has been in education long enough to know a bad thing when she sees it. She started teaching in Cascade as a Science teacher for grades seven through twelve in 1984.  She has since spent time at Vallivue, Caldwell and Idaho Digital Learning Academy. Now she teaches at Treasure Valley Community College.  Mary has been recognized […]

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