Just What Are 21st-Century Skills

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We keep hearing that phrase, “21-Century skills.”  Just what are those skills that we keep hearing our students need?  Are they really any different from any other century’s?  As discovered by Anne Gassel of Missouri Education Watchdog, here is the list from a poll done by Gallup:

  1. Collaboration
  2. Knowledge construction
  3. Skilled communication
  4. Global awareness
  5. Self-regulation
  6. Real world problem solving and
  7. Use of technology for learning

As Anne says,  “I hope Microsoft didn’t pay Gallup too much for this report, because the findings were far from earth shattering.”


Continue reading more about 21-Century skills and why they’re not important to teach to our children in elementary and secondary school.


Thanks for clearing that up, Anne.  I’ve been wondering that myself.


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